What’s Next


“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” – Brene Brown

In light of everything I have learned at Azusa Pacific University, what is next for me is helping others to see the beauty, meaning, and value we can find in every part of life, whether the experiences that shape us are joyful or sorrowful. I desire to live a life based in authenticity, truth, love, compassion, mercy, and courage. Not enough people realize their innate worth and potential for greatness and the remarkable life they are worthy of leading. Similarly, we need to begin to take a deeper and more thoughtful look at our world and how we are called to live as we impact, shape, and influence every part of it. In all that I do now and in the future, I want to work to help others see themselves as God sees them: wonderful, valuable, lovable, and capable of what seems impossible.

Over the rest of the year (May 2017-December 2017), I plan to:

  • Graduate from Azusa Pacific University with my Bachelor’s of Arts in MFT/Counseling/Clinical Psychology and Leadership Minor
  • Study and take the GRE
  • Apply to and be accepted/attend a Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program at Fuller Theological Seminary, Alliant University, University of Southern California, Loma Linda University, or Biola University
  • Do volunteer work, internships, or work in play and group therapy, specifically with children and adolescents

Someday, I would also like to (in no particular order):

  • Write and publish a book (fiction/nonfiction)
  • Write and publish qualitative research in a journal
  • Give a TEDtalk on either my book or research
  • Spend a month traveling in Europe
  • Bake every technical challenge from the 2014 season of the Great British Bake-Off (Schichttorte, here I come!)
  • Attend culinary school or take cooking and baking classes
  • Complete my doctorate
  • Study abroad
  • Learn to sail
  • Work as a florist
  • Establish my own private practice
  • Teach in higher education (preferably, APU)
  • Learn the harp or the cello
  • Write a composition for the oboe or clarinet
  • Play the electric bass in a band
  • Receive a Master’s Degree in Theology, Philosophy, or Leadership
  • Write a song

“Forge your own way merrily; fill the world with new meaning.”

Tennis, Please Don’t Ruin This For Me, 2017